100% vegan

S:gender Skincare

No unnecessary fillers, only nourishing and natural oils and actives.

Vild Nord Probiotics

Well-being with good digestion


Treat your body like you treat your face

Compagnie de Provence

Delicious liquid hand soaps that leave soft hands and a wonderful fragrance


Dietary supplement free of additives

Wild North

The collage

Great for all ages


Beauty Bear

Veganske og 100% naturlige uden kunstige smags-, søde- eller farvestoffer

BAK Skincare

Probiotisk hudpleje

Hudpleje produkter for en sund hud i balance

Active beauty care

The best in nutritional supplements and skin care

We have selected the best products within dietary supplements and skin care with a focus on natural, nutritious and active ingredients. Most important is the effect of the products, which are selected for their active effect on your body, hair and face. Skin care must be healthy both externally and internally.


Do you have a good stomach (sensation)?

Vild Nord Daily Flora Probiotics is a simple supplement to your diet. It is easy to take and tastes so delicious that it is easy to remember your daily supplement of probiotics and prebiotics.

The powder has a lovely fresh and sweet taste of blueberries, and comes in daily sachets which make it easy to take.

Refill - save money and protect the environment

With the Refill bags, you can reuse your Vild Nord Collagen can, so you protect the environment and, as an added benefit, save money.

It is easy and practical with the Refill bags and you get exactly the same delicious product.

The glow

Hvad gør stress ved vores krop ?

Vi kan alle sammen blive ramt af stress, både fysisk og psykisk, i løbet af livet. Ofte er vi ikke selv opmærksomme på, at vi...

Vitaminer og mineraler

4 almindelige vitamintilskud. Har din krop brug for kosttilskud? Det kan være svært at finde ud af, hvilke vitaminer og kosttilskud, man har brug for....

Vitamin A for the skin

Already when you turn 25-30, your skin starts to show signs of aging and you can experience the first fine lines appearing on your face....

Hyaluronic acid – rescue for dry skin

Hyaluronic acid, praised by doctors, dermatologists and beauticians alike, has come into focus over the past few years and has quickly become a regular ingredient...

Can you eat more collagen?

First a little about the collagen Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin young and elastic. It is a very important building block in...

Probiotics - what are they?

The word probiotics comes from Greek and means "for life". The stomach is one of our most important organs when it comes to having a...


Do something good for the environment and buy Refill. You save on top of that and get the same delicious products


The ingredients in many of our nutritional supplements and skin care products are organic and Fair Trade certified


Many of our products are 100% vegan