S:gender Face oil Baobab - Organic, 30ml

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Face oil Baobab is a delicious, creamy face oil that hugs the skin with its high content of nourishing omegas. The face oil softens the skin immediately after it is applied, and it makes the skin look radiant, healthy and vital.

The creamy texture makes it work well under makeup. The face oil has a silky effect, which gives your skin a beautiful and vital glow. That's why Baobab facial oil works really well as a natural "primer" under your makeup or on top of your day cream. It is the kernels from the fruits of the Baobab tree that are cold-pressed and become the most wonderful oil.

An absolute must-have for your daily beauty routine.

· Recommended for all skin types
· High content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids
· 100% vegan
· Perfume-free

Baobab facial oil softens the skin and makes it glow healthy and vital, and is rich and nourishing with a high level of omegas

Face oil Baobab is used during the day. Either alone or on top of your day cream. If the skin needs more glow, it can be used as a natural form of primer.

- Start by cleansing the skin.
- Then take 3 to 4 drops of Baobab oil on your fingertips.
- Rub your fingers together so that the oil heats up easily.
- Then massage the product into the skin.

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