Vitamin A for the skin

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Already when you turn 25-30, your skin starts to show signs of aging and you can experience the first fine lines appearing on your face. Your skin will no longer feel quite as firm and elastic, and you can also visually see that your skin is not as radiant as before. The reason is that the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin becomes smaller, which leads to the skin starting to lose its elasticity and thus some of its robustness. When and how many changes you will experience in your skin also depends on genes and lifestyle, such as what you eat and how much sun your skin is exposed to.

When the skin becomes thinner, less elastic and more dry, it needs a cream that can postpone the natural aging process, thus keeping your skin young, beautiful and well-moisturized.

The skin is the body's largest organ, and therefore requires extra attention. We not only have to take care of it so that it looks nice, but also to be healthy and strong, and protect it from free radicals, such as comes from pollution, the sun's rays and smoking. Our skin is exposed to many external factors every single day, such as air pollution and the sun, which gradually help to destroy the skin's collagen, causing the skin to lose its elastin and become less firm. It contributes to more wrinkles, uneven skin and a lack of glow in the skin.

Many probably associate vitamins in general as something we must get through tablets or food. However, a number of vitamins are added to many different skin care products, as they can have beneficial effects when applied directly to the skin.

For example, vitamin A has a documented effect against wrinkles and impure skin, as it actively penetrates and rebuilds the skin. Below, we will delve into vitamin A and give you concrete suggestions for products with vitamin A in it.

When vitamin A is applied to the skin, it helps to increase the skin's renewal and ability to bind water in the skin cells. Vitamin A helps to repair the damaged skin cells, which are renewed at the same time as the skin's moisture level will increase, which makes the skin more elastic and gives a more beautiful glow. In addition, vitamin A helps to normalize the skin and acts as a barrier against the effects of, for example, the sun and pollution.

There has been a lot of research into the effect of vitamin A on various skin problems, and it has been proven that vitamin A, for example, helps even out and lighten pigment spots, increases the amount of collagen in the skin, which makes it thicker and more uniform, and reduces impure skin by make the pores in the skin smaller, so that unwanted bacteria and impurities have worse conditions.

There are different types of vitamin A, and the one you should look out for in skin care products is the Ester variant, which is also naturally present in the skin beforehand. There are different types of the Ester variant, which work differently on the skin, but in general they are gentler at the same time that they are active and fight the damage caused by free radicals, help the skin rebuild collagen, and strengthen and moisturize the skin. Vitamin A is an active ingredient that the skin reacts to, so we recommend that you start by applying skin care products with vitamin A every other day for the first two weeks, so that your skin gets used to the cream without getting irritated. You can then switch to daily use. Our skin regenerates best at night, which is why we recommend night cream with vitamin A.

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