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Collagen is available both as powder and pills. Is there a difference and which should you choose?

Pros and cons of collagen capsules

Pills and capsules are easy to take, as they can simply be taken with a glass of water. It is simple and can easily be made part of the daily routine along with vitamin pills. On the other hand, it is difficult to get enough collagen in a capsule, so even if you take several capsules, you typically do not reach the generally recommended amounts. If you want to use collagen capsules, you should choose good quality and take them every day.

Vild Nord Collagen C+ pills

Pros and cons of collagen powder

If you use collagen powder, you don't have to worry about not getting enough, as the powder is easy to mix into the diet you eat and drink anyway. With collagen powder, you can advantageously choose products without additives - in powder you don't need any additives, fillers or binders to make it stick together, so here you have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary ingredients.

On the other hand, you can choose other ingredients which together with the collagen powder can support a varied and healthy diet. For example, content of natural vitamins and minerals.

When choosing, you can consider:

  • What do you find easiest to take?
  • How much collagen do you need?
  • Do you want something other than collage?

Vild Nord Glow Collagen powder

Vild Nord's capsules

Collagen C+ Capsules are a good alternative for those of you who want good marine quality but find it difficult to think of fish.

Collagen C+ Capsules are Vild Nord's offer for an effective collagen capsule. We recommend 4 capsules per day, which amounts to a total of 900 mg of collagen. The quality Vild Nord has chosen to use is 2 kDa marine collagen, i.e. a molecular weight of 2000 daltons to ensure quality and absorption. At the same time, the capsules contain vitamin C, which contributes to the formation of collagen, which is important for normal skin.

Wild North powder
Collagen powder is a good choice for those of you who want a simple way to supplement collagen daily. You can mix collagen powder in a glass of water, coffee, tea and the like, which you drink in the morning, for example. You can also mix it into a smoothie, sprinkle it on skyr, yogurt or in other dishes. Vild Nord ExoLab has 3 flavors that all taste great of lemon (Glow), wild berries (Soft) and blackcurrants (Care).

Tip: If you mix collagen powder in, for example, water, just remember to first pour the powder into the glass and then the water, after which you stir. In this way, you avoid lumps and get a nice, tasty collagen drink.

Vild Nord ExoLab collagen

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