Probiotics - what are they?

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The word probiotics comes from Greek and means "for life".

The stomach is one of our most important organs when it comes to having a strong and good immune system. Our stomach processes everything we consume, and it is therefore important that we have the right bacterial flora in the stomach and intestines, so that our body is in balance and we feel well-being. This is where probiotics come into the picture.

Lactic acid bacteria and probiotics are incredibly similar. Probiotics most often consist of lactic acid bacteria, but can also consist of other living organisms. Probiotics have the same function as lactic acid bacteria, as they both contribute to increasing the good bacteria in the gut.

Probiotics are unique living microorganisms, i.e. bacteria, which when consumed in sufficient quantity have a scientifically proven beneficial health effect. They are found naturally in our bodies and on our skin, but can also be consumed through the diet or nutritional supplements. The bacteria used in nutritional supplements are often lactic acid bacteria, which is why probiotics are often referred to as lactic acid bacteria. Probiotics are created through a fermentation.

The microbiota in our stomach

To understand what probiotics are and can help us with, we must first understand one of the body's most important organs: the intestinal system

The intestinal system contains the microbiota, which consists of many different bacterial families and microorganisms that are of great importance for the health of the skin. The composition of bacteria affects our immune system, which protects us against infections and inflammation - also in the skin.

The most well-known bacteria are the lactic acid bacteria, which optimize the absorption of nutrients in the intestine and at the same time ensure that the intestinal wall is tight so that harmful substances do not penetrate into the body. At the same time, they create an acidic environment in which the many harmful bacteria cannot live.

Wild North Probiotics

From imbalance to balance

Digestion is affected by many factors and is a complex system. Stress, changes in diet, medications such as antibiotics and infections are all factors that can affect our digestion.

Studies have shown that using probiotics can help stabilize the microbiota when it is out of balance and thus have a positive effect on our well-being.

Microbiota in balance can

  • support the immune system
  • support the microflora of the skin
  • support the absorption of the nutrients in what we eat
Immune stick

Probiotics can

  • increase beneficial bacteria in your gut
  • contribute to the establishment of healthy microbiota

Probiotics are therefore good bacteria that have been selected because of their beneficial effect.

It needs a probiotic food supplement

  • Have a scientifically proven effect
  • Be active throughout the shelf life
  • Surviving the trip through the gastrointestinal tract, adheres to the intestinal mucosa and colonizes the intestinal tract
  • Stabilize the intestinal microflora

Carefully selected genera

As mentioned, you can get probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) in the form of supplements that contain millions of live bacteria.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the most commonly used genera in probiotics. Although there are many other bacteria, these are the most popular and researched types of "good" bacteria used in probiotics.

Our selection

We negotiate e.g. vegan probiotics from Vild Nord, which has developed a series of 3 products, all of which come in a box of 30 sticks - 1 for each day for a month.

Choose between:

Daily Flora - for those of you who want a simple supplement to your diet

Immune - for those who want a simple supplement with vitamin C

Mom to Be - for those who want a simple supplement in connection with pregnancy

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